Building a comprehensive picture of a medicine demands data beyond the clinical trial.

Understanding how the medicine performs in the real world. Understanding what data best demonstrates its value. Understanding what evidence drives reimbursement and market launch strategy.

Companies risk missing critical opportunities if they don’t have a clear picture at the outset about what Real World Data could help them get the most out of their medicine.

Clinigen’s years of experience working alongside clients from clinical through to commercial inform evidence-based decisions on what valuable data they can collect and how and when to collect it.

Clinigen’s online platform offers light-touch data collection, making it easy for physicians and patients to contribute information in a format that supplements Health Economics and Outcomes Research, market access strategy and reimbursement.

Clinigen’s data analytics team provide meaningful analysis and custom reports at key stages throughout a program.

The result – medicines are used in a way that best benefits patients, regulatory approval is timely, and pricing is optimal.