Our commitment to patients

Clinigen exists to make sure a healthcare professional with a patient in need, anywhere in the world, can get the right medicine for their individual patient – quickly, easily and safely.

The patient is central to everything we do. We don’t just make medicines available, we get them to the people who need them, wherever they are in the world, however challenging the circumstances. We call this getting the right medicine to the right patient at the right time.

Clinigen supplies prescription only medicines in response to a request from a healthcare professional to treat a patient in their care. All requests for access to a medicine that Clinigen supplies must therefore come from a healthcare professional. If you are a patient or are visiting this site on behalf of a patient, please contact your healthcare professional to discuss specific treatment options.

Resources for patients groups and patients

Please find below a range of resources for patients groups and patients, aimed at demystifying the processes and regulations around providing access to medicines.


How does early access work?

Have you ever wondered how early access (also known as managed access and compassionate use) works, and who is involved?

Check out this early access landscape map to understand the different elements that can be needed to successfully enable early access to a medicine for a patient, and how patient groups can influence, engage and support in multiple ways from beginning to end.

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Early Access Spotlight Edition with Rare Revolution Magazine

Are you looking to get informed about early access and understand the topic more deeply?

Please see below a spotlight edition of Rare Revolution Magazine, focused on early access. Clinigen has sponsored the development of this publication, and well as contributing some of its content.

In this collection of articles, the topic is explored from a number of different angles and viewpoints, providing a broad overview of the nuances and priorities that are relevant to early access for rare diseases.

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