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Management Academy graduates


Internal promotions


Employee engagement score

People development

During FY2021 the Group has continued to focus on the development of its talent and has seen a 10% increase on average training spend per employee. As part of that training a further 110 people complete the Clinigen Management Academy.

The Academy is a six month-long development program and is aimed at provider leadership and management skills to current and future team leaders. In FY2021 we opened the Academy up to more of the global locations and had graduates from more than six countries.

Mental health and well-being

During FY2021 Clinigen ran mental health awareness training for managers so they are able to spot mental health issues within their team and guide them to appropriate resources. This has been particularly important given COVID-19 and the isolation some people feel from remote working conditions.

In FY2022 we intend to launch CALM across the Group which is a mental health and wellness app.


Age, colour, race, gender, disability, ethnic origin, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, religious or political views must not be seen as barriers to employment and we are proud of the Group’s diverse employment base.

The Group is committed to providing equal opportunities for individuals in all aspects of employment and considers the skills and aptitudes of disabled persons in recruitment, career development, training and promotion.

The Group supports employees with disabilities, ensuring the necessary reasonable adjustments are in place to support them.

We have conducted an analysis around age groups employed across the Group and can report that our workforce is balanced and in line with general age/working population distribution. Clinigen currently have 17% aged 20- 29, 32% aged 30-39, 25% aged 40-49, 18% aged 50-59 and 8% aged 60+.

One route through which we help to ensure continued diversity is through the Management Academy where one-module is largely dedicated to unconscious bias to help managers learn how to make fair and equitable decisions when recruiting, hiring, promoting and giving opportunities to team members.

In FY2021 Clinigen joined Valuable 500, a global campaign to unlock the value of 1.3 billion people living with disabilities around the world. As part of that initiative we will:

  • Review our Diversity and Inclusion policies to ensure we commit to driving an inclusive and accessible workplace for all
  • Ensure our recruitment and selection processes are inclusive and accessible for all
  • Provide frequent reporting to the Executive and Management Team on initiatives supporting a more inclusive workplace
  • Deliver targeted training for our people managers to build a culture of inclusivity from the top down
Gender ratio and pay

Out of the 1,069 employees, 58% are female and 42% male. The Group continues to actively seek to recruit and advance women into its top management through manager training, application monitoring and robust, transparent selection processes.

The Group also publishes a gender pay gap report each year. Based on the data we know that gender is not a factor in setting the rate of pay at Clinigen (in the UK). The report showed that our UK median gender pay gap is 9.5% – below the national average of 15.3%. We have also conducted preliminary calculations into a global metric and can confirm it doesn’t show any signs of gender being a factor in setting pay at Clinigen at a Group level.

From April 2019 – April 2020 62% of internal promotions were for female employees and in FY2021 59% of Management Academy participants were female.

Clinigen Way

The Group has a culture and set of values which are understood in each of the locations in which it operates. At Clinigen, this is called the ‘Clinigen Way’, and is captured in six clear and powerful principles that underpin everything the Group does.

They are:

  • Make a difference
  • Show mutual respect
  • Nurture success
  • Put best interests first
  • Maintain integrity
  • Measure progress.

They reflect the Group’s rich and varied historic businesses and the common purpose employees all share today.

Employee engagement

It is important the Group listens to its employees and understands their views on Clinigen as an employer. The Group operates a culture of open communication through a range of two-way mediums including: regular employee representative staff forums; a global intranet platform; newsletters; and regular Group and divisional performance updates from the senior management team.

The strategic objectives of the Group are communicated to employees through regular updates and, this year, that included at virtual all-staff conferences.

In the last 12 months we have continued to use Peakon feedback to drive ‘You Spoke, We Listened’ action planning, with a particular focus on career paths, support and development.

The external platform ensures anonymity and empowers management to take prompt and informed action.

Clinigen continues to measure employee engagement and in FY2021 achieved a score of 7.5, which is the same as FY2020 and above industry standard.