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Right medicine.

We exist to make sure a healthcare professional with a patient in need, anywhere in the world, can always get the right medicine for their individual patient – quickly, easily and safely whether licensed or unlicensed.

Population growth, an increasingly elderly population, growing incidences of chronic diseases and rare or orphan medicines, increasing patient knowledge, and concerns around counterfeit medicines are all driving increasing demand for quality medicines which are not available at the ‘point of care’.

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We provide access to our own and other pharmaceutical companies' products, whether to meet unmet medical needs or for use in clinical trials. This includes providing access to medicines that have received regulatory approval, but may not be available in a specific patient’s own country (‘unlicensed’ medicines).

Ethical unlicensed access helps protect patients from the growing threat of counterfeit medicines distributed online.

How we can help pharmaceutical and biotech companies

How we can help healthcare professionals

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Right patient

Clinigen is dedicated to providing an ethical, compliant route for healthcare professionals to source medicines.

Whether a medicine is unlicensed in a given country, not yet commercially available, is experiencing a supply disruption, or is discontinued, we can help. Our expertise in this area extends not just across the entire commercial lifecycle of a product, but to pre- and post-commercial stages too.

How we can help healthcare professionals

How we can help patient groups

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The patient is central to everything we do day-to-day. Often if they are using one of our niche or unlicensed medicines it is because they have failed to respond to front line therapies or have a rare or difficult to treat condition.
Shortages and delays can be life-threatening.

In a similar way, if a comparator medicine is unavailable for a clinical trial, progress in developing new treatments can be significantly delayed.

We don’t just help make medicines available, we get them to the people who need them. All over the world and however challenging the circumstances.

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